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Born in Paris, Laurent Tabet grew up in France, Switzerland and Nigeria.

After obtaining a bachelor's degree in Philosophy & Modern Languages (Académie de Paris), he enrolled in a Cinema, Documentary Image Analysis (Paris 7) license which he would never validate : he continued with a summer internship in a production company in which he will learn "on the job" for more than two years, exploring scouting, management, film decoration and directing. He then left to live in New York, a year during which he devoted himself to photography.

On his return, he will become a scout & assistant director for several years in advertising and then in feature films.

With his logistical experience, he temporarily left the film sets and decided to devote some time to the NGO Médecins du Monde : after several weeks within the SDF mission in Paris, he will follow the Atlas Logistics & Security internship before to join the post-emergency mission of Médecins du Monde in the Northern Region (Ghana) for ten months in a row as an administrator-logistician.

At the birth of the first of his two children, Laurent released his first production, Ultimatom, self-produced and broadcast on Planète & Multithématiques in seven European countries and on PBS (USA) on several occasions between 1999 and 2004. This documentary survey remains to be done today the reference on the subject.

He has since made a Making of for Gaumont, two short films and some recordings & editings (FCP). Excerpts on Dailymotion.


Member of the founding team of Atelier en Commun (Paris 12), he developed the Multimedia pole and digital communication of the establishment. At the same time, he co-created and programmed the first two editions of the Effet de CER Festival, Cinema, Ecology & Resistances, an event dedicated to urban and political ecology.


He also coordinated the Coaching Orientation service for the magazine L'Etudiant for two years.

As a regular fixer for the BBC's Art & Culture programs for the past twenty years, he has participated, mainly as a production manager, in the making of dozens of documentaries for the channel.

From now on, he devotes himself to writing and developing audiovisual projects.

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